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In Wau on Day of ICC Decision

[Wau, Southern Sudan 36°C] I leave the bustling and dusty capital of Juba and fly about 500 kms northeast into the interior of Southern Sudan to the town of Wau. Although there is less traffic in Wau, without a single paved road in the town, it is equally dusty. The oxidized earth leaves a veiled remnant of itself as an orange dusting on anything that remains still for just a second. In the evenings, it peppers the tongue and tingles the nostrils.


Mine Risk Education West of Juba

[Juba, Southern Sudan 34ºC] It’s my first day in Juba (Feb 26) and I start working right away. From Juba, I have a “story from the field” to write about Mine Risk Education (MRE). I’m picked up for a briefing meeting at the UNICEF offices. You can’t get in without a badge or an escort and the metal detector offers the only gateway to the inner compound. We are seven around the table. I’m surrounded by Child Protection Specialists, Mine Risk Educators, Child Protection Officers and Mine Victim Assistant Officers. They all work either for UNICEF or United Nations Mine...