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«Police Politique» Installation part of Montréal Art+Anarchy Exhibit

« Fraternité contre la police politique » installation / portraits photos / vidéo / artéfacts 1-29 mai 2017 ART+ANARCHY group exhibit avec/with: Mary Lou Freel, Freda Guttman, Eva-Loan, Claude Périard, Ponk, Seth Tobocman, Gaia Tomasello & Cinzia Petrucci, Jeannette Tossounian, Tournesol Plante, Benoît Tremblay + David Widgington Centre Culturel Georges-Vanier 2450, Rue Workman, Montréal, Québec, H3J 1L8 VERNISSAGE : vendredi / friday 5 mai / May, 5 à 8 = The Montréal police violently repress demonstrations against austerity (among others) while simultaneously opposing the negative effects of austerity on their own pension fund. In doing so, the Fraternité des policiers...


« PIÈCE DE RÉSISTENCE » composite banner builds oppositional cultural heritage

The composite banner, « ICI COMME AILLEURS ON A RAISON DE NE RIEN LÂCHER » is a (re)mediation of visual artefacts taken from the Artéfacts Archive. The imagery that makes up the banner’s collage was pilfered from the Archive‘s posters, banners, protest signs, videos, stencils, etc to create a protest scene representative of the Québec’s 2012 oppositional movement or “Printemps québécois”. The banner honours the protesters while denigrating state repression that became commonplace during the protests. It is a creative work of self-representation, made by an MA student actively protesting during the six-month strike against tuition increases. Self-representation is key...