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« PIÈCE DE RÉSISTENCE » composite banner builds oppositional cultural heritage

The composite banner, « ICI COMME AILLEURS ON A RAISON DE NE RIEN LÂCHER » is a (re)mediation of visual artefacts taken from the Artéfacts Archive. The imagery that makes up the banner’s collage was pilfered from the Archive‘s posters, banners, protest signs, videos, stencils, etc to create a protest scene representative of the Québec’s 2012 oppositional movement or “Printemps québécois”. The banner honours the protesters while denigrating state repression that became commonplace during the protests. It is a creative work of self-representation, made by an MA student actively protesting during the six-month strike against tuition increases. Self-representation is key...


Massive Protest Banner Installation for Encuentro 2014

On July 3rd, we disassembled the Printemps CUBEcois banner installation that was exhibited within the Hemispheric Institute‘s Encuentro 2014, MANIFEST! : Choreographing Social Movements in the Americas, hosted by Concordia University. With the help of friends (THANKS! You know who you are), it took only three hours to remove the hundreds of staples, to clip the dozens of sewing points from the forty protest banners that formed the skin of the cube, and unscrew the hundreds of screws holding the wooden structure that measured 13ft high x 17ft wide on all sides. It was a monumental sight within the university’s...