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“Extraction! : Comix Reportage” About Abusive Canadian Mining Practices in 2nd Edition

EXTRACTION!: Comix Reportage is Ad Astra’s next publication. As a micro-press publisher, Ad Astra is a publisher specializing in comic books with social justice themes. They use crowdfunding to finance printing costs by offering readers an opportunity to pre-purchase the book before it goes to print.  I’m obviously biased being its original co-editor with Frédéric Dubois and Marc Tessier, as well as its 1st edition publisher, but I recommend you get yourself a copy. The 1st edition was winner of the 2008 Expozine Alternative Press Award for Best English Book and  sold-out quickly. “Divided into four chapters, each one dedicated to...


Reading reportage and comics journalism

I have an interest in journalistic practices and am particularly interested in when they are combined with comicx. Below is a list of books of journalism both written and illustrated. They are definitely worth the read/view. * Here is a comprehensive reading list about comics journalism by Kenan’ın Akademik Penceresi. _____ BOOKS OF REPORTAGE OR ABOUT JOURNALISM: Introduction by Ian Jack (2007) The Granta Book of Reportage, third edition — isbn 9781862078154 (“Since its relaunch in 1979, Granta has championed the art and craft of reportage—journalism marked by vivid description, a novelist’s eye to form, and eyewitness reporting that reveals...


Canada before Copenhagen: Truth versus Mythology

[Montréal, Québec, Canada 8°C] An article in Monday’s Guardian newspaper has the following subtitle: “The tar barons have held the nation to ransom. This thuggish petro-state is today the greatest obstacle to a deal in Copenhagen.” The article’s author, George Monbiot, continues in the first paragraph with: When you think of Canada, which qualities come to mind? The world’s peacekeeper, the friendly nation, a liberal counterweight to the harsher pieties of its southern neighbour, decent, civilised, fair, well-governed? Think again. This country’s government is now behaving with all the sophistication of a chimpanzee’s tea party. Not a particularly flattering statement...