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Charlie Hebdo : victime de guerre ?

En guise de commentaire : « La droite chrétienne frappe ses cibles depuis le ciel avec des drones. La droite musulmane frappe ses cibles depuis le sol avec des humains. De tout bords, des gens meurent. La droite en Occident sème l’islamophobie et utilisera certainement cette attaque à des fins politiques. Pour nous faire peur. Pour nous faire avaler les mesures visant à assurer notre “sécurité”. Et la gauche nous dira qu’en solidarité avec ceux et celles qui ont été tués à Charlie Hebdo, nous sommes tous Français, que nous sommes tous Charlie, sans aucune nuance , faisant bloc contre...


Art That Moves You: David Lester’s “The Listener”

The power of art should never be underestimated. All works of art, regardless of their form as mediated expression, offer a message to those that contemplate them. Some works of art are conceived as more deliberate acts of communication with specific intentions. Others allow room for nuance interpretation. Art can inspire to kill for social change and it can inspire to risk death for social change. Without question, art is a potent tool for societal inspiration. Leni Riefenstahl’s film Victory of Faith documents the Nazi Party’s 1933 Fifth Party Rally in Nuremberg and her later Triumph of the Will was...


Extraction! Comix Reportage: mixing comics and journalism about mining

[Montréal, Québec, Canada 1°C] New technologies and new forms of web distribution open up possibilities to republish past works to new audiences and give them new lives. Below is a book that was published back in 2007 at a print-run of only 500 copies. They sold like hotcakes and quickly disappeared from bookshelves, bookfairs and are now occasionally seen in second-hand bookstore windows. A friend of mine just send a link to a new comic he published using Issuu to render it available online. It gave me the idea of rescucitating old publications that were send to obscurity long before...