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“Extraction! : Comix Reportage” About Abusive Canadian Mining Practices in 2nd Edition

EXTRACTION!: Comix Reportage is Ad Astra’s next publication. As a micro-press publisher, Ad Astra is a publisher specializing in comic books with social justice themes. They use crowdfunding to finance printing costs by offering readers an opportunity to pre-purchase the book before it goes to print.  I’m obviously biased being its original co-editor with Frédéric Dubois and Marc Tessier, as well as its 1st edition publisher, but I recommend you get yourself a copy. The 1st edition was winner of the 2008 Expozine Alternative Press Award for Best English Book and  sold-out quickly. “Divided into four chapters, each one dedicated to...


Textilográfica : collaborative banner making / création collaborative de bannières

en français ci-bas [Rivière Trois-Pistoles, Québec] The second creative project within the artivist residency at l’Auberge de la grève in Rivière Trois-Pistoles (aka Tobin) is Textilográfica con La Brigada MTL. During the residency, I am preparing all the elements for a banner-making street performance in La Comuna de Pedro Aguirre Cerda, a working-class neighbourhood of Santiago de Chile known for its opposition to injustices. My performance is scheduled within Resistance in Urban Peripheries, Street Art Action segment of Encuentro: eX-céntrico: dissidence, sovereignties, performance. Textilográfica is a performance of solidarity with the people of Santiago and particularly with the residents of La...


Une murale d’affiches militantes à Rivière Trois-Pistoles

[Rivière Trois-Pistoles, Québec] Ma résidence d’artivist à l’Auberge de la grève est bien partie. Le projet de murale d’affiches contestataires a commencé avec des photos des murs de l’entré de l’Auberge ainsi que le dessin de la maquette [à l’échelle de 1:5.5] pour pouvoir préparer la mise en oeuvre des affiches sur les trois murs en question. La prochaine étape est de fouiller dans les 200+ affiches et les éparpiller par terre dans l’atelier de danse pour pouvoir essayer plusieurs options de mise en place sur les trois murs. === My artivist residency at the Auberge de la grève has...


poster REMIX d’affiches : Israeli Apartheid Week, BDS Movement

Voici une autre création du / Here is another creation within the  Poster REMIX d’affiches === NOTE: March is Israeli Apartheid Week 2016. Please feel free to download the six remixed posters .pdf file to print your own copies and distribute through your networks. The BDS Movement is strong and growing. === Affiche source / source poster : Inkworks Projet poster «End Apartheid. South Africa Must be Free. Divest Now » by/par Lincoln Cushing (1985). === Affiches remixées / Remixed posters : « End Israeli Apartheid. Palestinians Must Be Free. Divest Now ! » — 11″ X 17″ — par/by...


poster REMIX d’affiches : opposition to oil drilling

This is another REMIX Project Voici un autre projet REMIX : Each week, the Culver City, California, Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG) displays a Poster of the Week. On May 29, 2015, their chosen poster is the one I chose to remix this week. As you can read below, it reads, “We are opposed to oil drilling and exploration off our coast.” Affiche source / source poster : Greenpeace, « We are opposed to oil drilling and exploration off our coast » Offset print (1970). The text below accompanied CSPG’s poster-of-the-week. It was sourced by Santa Barbara...


poster REMIX d’affiches : 1er mai 2015 / May 1st, 2015 – Montréal

Voici la deuxième création du projet Poster REMIX d’affiches project === April / avril 2015 2) Affiche source / source poster : Antifaschistische Aktion poster, «Fight Capitalist War, Fight Capitalist Peace, 1 Mai 2003, Berlin » by anonymous artist (2003). — Affiches REMIXées / REMIXed posters : « From Protest to Resistance » Creative Commons (téléchargement .pdf download) 11″ X 21″ par/by William B. Burns (2015).  


Printemps CUBEcois banner installation for 2nd time at Concordia University

It’s interesting to watch how people interact with the Printemps CUBEcois protest banner installation as it was on exhibit in the EV Building Atrium at Concordia University from October 12th to the 18th, 2014. The time-lapse video of the CUBE’s exterior was recorded between 5-6pm during a Thursday rush hour. It was initially recorded at the rate of one photograph every 2 seconds using a GoPro Hero 3. The images were edited together at a video frame rate of 12 frames per second (FPS). So for every second that passes in the video, the actual time that lapsed during the...


« PIÈCE DE RÉSISTENCE » composite banner builds oppositional cultural heritage

The composite banner, « ICI COMME AILLEURS ON A RAISON DE NE RIEN LÂCHER » is a (re)mediation of visual artefacts taken from the Artéfacts Archive. The imagery that makes up the banner’s collage was pilfered from the Archive‘s posters, banners, protest signs, videos, stencils, etc to create a protest scene representative of the Québec’s 2012 oppositional movement or “Printemps québécois”. The banner honours the protesters while denigrating state repression that became commonplace during the protests. It is a creative work of self-representation, made by an MA student actively protesting during the six-month strike against tuition increases. Self-representation is key...


Massive Protest Banner Installation for Encuentro 2014

On July 3rd, we disassembled the Printemps CUBEcois banner installation that was exhibited within the Hemispheric Institute‘s Encuentro 2014, MANIFEST! : Choreographing Social Movements in the Americas, hosted by Concordia University. With the help of friends (THANKS! You know who you are), it took only three hours to remove the hundreds of staples, to clip the dozens of sewing points from the forty protest banners that formed the skin of the cube, and unscrew the hundreds of screws holding the wooden structure that measured 13ft high x 17ft wide on all sides. It was a monumental sight within the university’s...