Le projet de «La Brigade MTL» Project

La Brigade MTL project began in Santiago de Chile July 2016 with its signature on the «Resistimos» banner; the first of a series.

La Brigade MTL makes banners in solidarity with oppositional movements/actions that seek justice in various areas: access to education, opening borders, against corruption, land reclamation, accessible housing, etc. It is both a personal creative project to explore the symbols that are omnipresent in protest culture : raised fist, red square, megaphone, charicature; and a collaborative project to create works of activist art that is not only beautiful but also useful.

With «Resistimos», I used the raised fist from École de la Montagne rouge during the Québec student strike in 2012. The second lienzo, «Trump L’oeil», uses charicature and the pointing finger. «Le doigt d’vote» also used the hand as a central element. It is part fist and all attitude giving the finger to the corrupt situation of current capitalist democracy. then with a fourth banner for «Gorilla Park» and a sixth in «Solidarity Without Borders». More banners are in-the-making.