« Le doigt d’vote » is 3rd Banner in MTL series

The initial digital design before transfering it onto the textile.

When elections are the only participatory element of a democratic process, an appropriate response could be “fuck their democracy”. I am my own authority. This third banner in La brigada MTL series after Resistimos and “Trump L’oeuil” gives the finger to democracy. The play on words is brilliant in French. Drop an ‘r’, add a ‘g’ and keep the sound while inversing the meaning. Unfortunately it is lost in translation to English.

The slogan of the 8′ wide X 12′ high banner: « Au moins il nous reste le doigt d’vote » is a direct resampling of a patch made at Coop Coup d’Griffe. Same slogan. same giving of the finger. Different font. Different image. Larger format but on same textile base.

Thanks to everyone who helped paint the banner with me in front of the Centre culturel Georges-Vanier, where Art+Anarchy held its first month-long exhibit. We took down the exhibit this morning. We made the banner last Sunday afternoon, May 28, the second day of Montréal’s Anarchist Bookfair. So thanks Jeannette, Tournesol, Bruno, Mathieu, Marie-Eve, Pascal, Mario, Amaya and the others who painted with us. Merci! Beaucoup!

We were unable to finish the banner in 3.5 hours but it was hung anyway from a high enough tree branch to let it dry. To show it off!

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