Noam Chomsky Speaks in Montreal for 50th Anniversary of Canadian Dimension Magazine

Noam Chomsky speaks in Montréal 26 Oct. 2013

Noam Chomsky speaks in Montréal 26 Oct. 2013

[Montréal, Québec, Canada 1°C] On Octobre 26, 2013, Noam Chomsky was invited by Canadian Dimension Magazine to give a talk at Concordia University and Université de Montréal as part of the magazine’s 50th anniversary events. Chomsky spoke at Concordia earlier in the day and gave an evening talk at Ud’M, which I recorded and make available here.

The talk started with an introduction of Canadian Dimension by Andrea Levy, Coordinating Editor and member of the magazine’s Montréal editorial collective.

It was followed by Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, former spokesperson of the Coalition large de l’Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (CLASSE) during Québec’s 2012 six-month student strike and author of recently published, Tenir tête, who introduced Noam Chomsky to the sold-out event.

And finally, what everyone was waiting for, Noam Chomsky took to the stage to an elated crowd. He ends his talk with, ” It’s not enough to just observe the world but also to act to change it. To remedy its severe ills.”. The very interesting question period begins at 53:46.

Franco Nuovo talks to Noam Chomsky on Radio-Canada’s Dessine-moi un dimanche:

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