Soldier Poet Writes Music with AKAI LPK25 During Afghanistan Deployment

[Kandahar, Afghanistan 38°C] All these songs were written and recorded while deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 using AKAI’s LPK25 mini synth and Logic Pro. The LPK is smaller than a laptop and was something I could fit in my ruck.

I basically carried it with me everywhere I went. It was like the best $75 bucks I ever spent. All these tracks were recorded using the LPK , including the drum parts which I tapped out using ultra-beat. The next step is now that I am home (on leave) is to pick up my bass and record the bass parts live…

The name “call-sign 8” is my actual deployed call-sign. The name of these songs together is called “blood from a stone” and is also the name of one of the tracks.

blood from a stone by call sign 8

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  1. Reev says:

    Great tunes! Best demo of the LPK25 on the web. Thanks for sharing man.

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