Fish Story is Japanese Punk Rock and a Champion of Justice

fish-story-record[Montréal, Québec, Canada 23°C] I just finished watching Japanese director, Yoshihiro Nakamura’s 10th film, Fish Story and the title track is now playing over and over in a video loop and I just can’t enough of it. I want to buy the album but the website is entirely in Japanese so I’ve embedded the video to get easy access to the song whenever I need a taste of pre-Sex Pistols Japanese punk rock.

The film is good too. A definite keeper and future cult classic, that is, if we survive the 2012 Apocalypse. The film is set in several time lines and along multiple narratives. In 2012, an old man walks into the only store in Tokyo that is still open, just 5 hours before a giant comet is scheduled to hit earth and end the world. Inside is the record store clerk and a music enthusiast apparently oblivious to the disaster. The clerk slides Fish Story onto the turntable and we are led to believe that punk rock is about to save the world. I believe.

The film brings us to 1975 when a punk rock band records its third and last album, before being disbanded by their record producers. They are too avant guarde for their time. During the late nineties, a high school girl stuck on a ferry that gets hijacked then saved by a pastry cook who was brought up to be the Champion of Justice, every boy’s dream. It’s 1999 and the end of the world ends up being a false alarm. Early 1980s as a coward is told by a girl he meets in a restaurant that if he stands up for himself, he will meet a girl and end up saving the world.

Each of these segments are neatly tied together as the Fish Story theme song thrashes in the background right before the credits. I already want to watch it again. It recently played at Montréal’s 2010 Fantasia International Film Festival. It hope is gets into video stores soon, so I can talk about it with friends.

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  1. Heather says:

    Amazing movie! I wish I could find the english lyrics to this song! If my solitude were a fish…. lol <3

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