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Coco Guzman’s The Demonstration installation reveals vulnerability of protest movements

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n their website, Coco Guzman begins the description of The Demonstration by quoting historian Eric Hobsbawm who writes that “next to sex, the activity combining bodily experience and intense emotion to the highest degree is the participation in a mass demonstration.” [pullquote-right]“Next to sex, the activity combining bodily experience and intense emotion to the highest degree is the participation in a mass demonstration.”[/pullquote-right]Like with sex, the participation on the front line of a demonstration, in an act of civil disobedience, or in any form of oppositional performance where you put your body on the line, the spectrum of experienced emotions...


La Casa Central de l’Universidad de Chile à Santiago “en toma”

Le 15 juillet 2016, je suis allé à la Casa Central de l’Universidad de Chile, située sur le boulevard principale de Santiago à quelques rue de La Moneda. L’édifice était sous occupation (“en toma”) des étudiant.e.s et sa bouillonnait d’activité. Voici des photos : On July 15, 2016, I went to the Casa Central of Universidad de Chile, located on Santiago’s main boulevard just a few blocks from La Moneda. The building was under student occupation (“en toma”) and it was fervent with activity. Here are some photos:


Une gallerie d’affiches sous un viaduc – An poster gallery beneath an overpass

In Montréal, there is an autonomous gallery of posters, grafitti & tags on Parc Avenue north of Van Horne. Head north on sidewalk under the overpass of the east side. There are posters by #vivasnosqueremos, one by the Howl Arts Festival, a poster to liberate nearby Parc des Gorilles, one announcing Pervers/Cité, a nihilistic poster for the future, another against pipelines in solidarity with the Unist’ot’en people, and others. — À Montréal, il y a une gallerie autonome d’affiches, grafitti et tags sur avenue du Parc au nord de la rue Van Horne. Dirigez-vous vers le nord sur le trottoir...


Resistimos : solidarity banner given to student movement in Chile

RESISTIMOS is an in situ banner-making performance I did in Santiago de Chile in July 2016 to express my solidarity with the Chilean student movement. It was scheduled within the Resistance in Urban Peripheries, Street Art-Action segment of Encuentro: eX-céntrico: dissidence, sovereignties, performance. I was one of seven consecutive performances that lead spectators through the streets of La Población La Victoria, Chile’s first urban land occupation to create an alternative neighbourhood that actively resisted the dictatorship. It will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2017. Thanks to Ana María Saavedra – Luis Alarcón of Galería Metropolitana who organized the ruta. The...


Textilográfica: performative banner creation in Santiago de Chile

In less than 2 weeks, I’m heading to Chile for a one-week conference, but I’m staying for a month. It’s the 10th “Encuentro” conference titled: eX-céntrico: dissidence, sovereignties, performance. During the conference, I have a street performance scheduled within the Arte-acción de calle: Resistencia en las periferias urbanas (Street-Art Action: Resistance in Urban Peripheries). The Arte-acción de calle I’ve planned is scheduled on July 21 at 16h15 in Parque André Jarlan in the Santiago neighbourhood of La Comuna Pedro Aguirre Cerda. The plan is to spray paint a 10ft x 6ft banner that expresses solidarity with the Chilean student movement. The...


“Extraction! : Comix Reportage” About Abusive Canadian Mining Practices in 2nd Edition

EXTRACTION!: Comix Reportage is Ad Astra’s next publication. As a micro-press publisher, Ad Astra is a publisher specializing in comic books with social justice themes. They use crowdfunding to finance printing costs by offering readers an opportunity to pre-purchase the book before it goes to print.  I’m obviously biased being its original co-editor with Frédéric Dubois and Marc Tessier, as well as its 1st edition publisher, but I recommend you get yourself a copy. The 1st edition was winner of the 2008 Expozine Alternative Press Award for Best English Book and  sold-out quickly. “Divided into four chapters, each one dedicated to...


Textilográfica : collaborative banner making / création collaborative de bannières

en français ci-bas [Rivière Trois-Pistoles, Québec] The second creative project within the artivist residency at l’Auberge de la grève in Rivière Trois-Pistoles (aka Tobin) is Textilográfica con La Brigada MTL. During the residency, I am preparing all the elements for a banner-making street performance in La Comuna de Pedro Aguirre Cerda, a working-class neighbourhood of Santiago de Chile known for its opposition to injustices. My performance is scheduled within Resistance in Urban Peripheries, Street Art Action segment of Encuentro: eX-céntrico: dissidence, sovereignties, performance. Textilográfica is a performance of solidarity with the people of Santiago and particularly with the residents of La...


Une murale d’affiches militantes à Rivière Trois-Pistoles

[Rivière Trois-Pistoles, Québec] Ma résidence d’artivist à l’Auberge de la grève est bien partie. Le projet de murale d’affiches contestataires a commencé avec des photos des murs de l’entré de l’Auberge ainsi que le dessin de la maquette [à l’échelle de 1:5.5] pour pouvoir préparer la mise en oeuvre des affiches sur les trois murs en question. La prochaine étape est de fouiller dans les 200+ affiches et les éparpiller par terre dans l’atelier de danse pour pouvoir essayer plusieurs options de mise en place sur les trois murs. === My artivist residency at the Auberge de la grève has...