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Posters from FTAA Protests in Québec on 15th Anniversary / Affiches contre la ZLÉA au 15ième anniversaire des manifs à Québec

For the 15th anniversary of the April 2001 Summit of the Americas protests in Québec City against the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), here is a selection of posters related to the FTAA (and other related) protests, taken from the book: Picture This!: Posters of Social Movements in Québec (1966-2007) by Jean-Pierre Boyer, Jean Desjardins and David Widgington. The book was published in 2007 by Cumulus Press. Each of these posters are archived with over 20,000 others in the impressive collection at the Centre for Research in Popular Imagery (CRIP). === À l’occasion du 15ième anniversaire des manifestations...

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Textilográfica : collaborative banner making / création collaborative de bannières

en français ci-bas [Rivière Trois-Pistoles, Québec] The second creative project within the artivist residency at l’Auberge de la grève in Rivière Trois-Pistoles (aka Tobin) is Textilográfica con La Brigada MTL. During the residency, I am preparing all the elements for a banner-making street performance in La Comuna de Pedro Aguirre Cerda, a working-class neighbourhood of Santiago de Chile known for its opposition to injustices. My performance is scheduled within Resistance in Urban Peripheries, Street Art Action segment of Encuentro: eX-céntrico: dissidence, sovereignties, performance. Textilográfica is a performance of solidarity with the people of Santiago and particularly with the residents of La...

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Une murale d’affiches militantes à Rivière Trois-Pistoles

[Rivière Trois-Pistoles, Québec] Ma résidence d’artivist à l’Auberge de la grève est bien partie. Le projet de murale d’affiches contestataires a commencé avec des photos des murs de l’entré de l’Auberge ainsi que le dessin de la maquette [à l’échelle de 1:5.5] pour pouvoir préparer la mise en oeuvre des affiches sur les trois murs en question. La prochaine étape est de fouiller dans les 200+ affiches et les éparpiller par terre dans l’atelier de danse pour pouvoir essayer plusieurs options de mise en place sur les trois murs. === My artivist residency at the Auberge de la grève has...

Creative Commons « À bas l'apartheid israelien. Libéréez la Palestine ! Boycott maintenant ! » Affiche 4 de 6 par/by Chester Rhoder (2015) Dans le cadre du Projet REMIX d"Archives Artéfacts. Inspirée de l'affiche Inkworks Projet «End Apartheid. South Africa Must be Free. Divest Now » by/par Lincoln Cushing (1985). 3

poster REMIX d’affiches : Israeli Apartheid Week, BDS Movement

Voici une autre création du / Here is another creation within the  Poster REMIX d’affiches === NOTE: March is Israeli Apartheid Week 2016. Please feel free to download the six remixed posters .pdf file to print your own copies and distribute through your networks. The BDS Movement is strong and growing. === Affiche source / source poster : Inkworks Projet poster «End Apartheid. South Africa Must be Free. Divest Now » by/par Lincoln Cushing (1985). === Affiches remixées / Remixed posters : « End Israeli Apartheid. Palestinians Must Be Free. Divest Now ! » — 11″ X 17″ — par/by...

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Reading reportage and comics journalism

I have an interest in journalistic practices and am particularly interested in when they are combined with comicx. Below is a list of books of journalism both written and illustrated. They are definitely worth the read/view. * Here is a comprehensive reading list about comics journalism by Kenan’ın Akademik Penceresi. _____ BOOKS OF REPORTAGE OR ABOUT JOURNALISM: Introduction by Ian Jack (2007) The Granta Book of Reportage, third edition — isbn 9781862078154 (“Since its relaunch in 1979, Granta has championed the art and craft of reportage—journalism marked by vivid description, a novelist’s eye to form, and eyewitness reporting that reveals...

Photo courtesy DesmogCanada website. Credit: Environmental Defence, Enbridge, EPA. 1

Why Activists Must Continue to Block Flow of Tar Sands Bitumen Through Enbridge Line 9

Because it works, it’s easy and because as admitted by Enbridge in documents submitted to the National Energy Board, Line 9 is disintegrating. The documents reveal that the pipeline has 4738 anomalies related to the formation of fissures and 8223 anomalies related to corrosion. Basically they admit that there are at least 12,961 locations along the pipeline that are on the verge of an oil spill. Last Monday, December 7, 2015 three protesters locked themselves to a valve they closed along Enbridge’s Line 9B pipeline as it enters Québec from Ontario. The valve controlling flow of tar sands bitumen was...

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poster REMIX d’affiches : opposition to oil drilling

This is another REMIX Project Voici un autre projet REMIX : Each week, the Culver City, California, Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG) displays a Poster of the Week. On May 29, 2015, their chosen poster is the one I chose to remix this week. As you can read below, it reads, “We are opposed to oil drilling and exploration off our coast.” Affiche source / source poster : Greenpeace, « We are opposed to oil drilling and exploration off our coast » Offset print (1970). The text below accompanied CSPG’s poster-of-the-week. It was sourced by Santa Barbara...

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Giving Life to found protest sign in Montréal demo against austerity

Yesterday, March 2, 2015, I walked along downtown streets with about 75,000 other people in Montréal’s anti-austerity demonstration. My bike is clean as I ride it for the first time this spring down St-Urbain street toward Square Victoria where the demo is scheduled to begin at 1 pm. The forecast rain is hiding behind a blue sky and a warming sun. A perfect day to walk the streets of Montréal. I ride into the École nationale de théatre contingent, get off my bike and march the rest of the way with them and their giant puppet. As we turned onto...

Creative Commons. « De la contestation à la résistence » affiche 2 de 6 par William B. Burns (2015) dans le cadre du Projet REMIX par Artéfacts Archive. Inspirée de l’affiche de Antifaschistische Aktion, « Fight Capitalist War, Fight Capitalist War » (2003), par artistE anonyme. 0

poster REMIX d’affiches : 1er mai 2015 / May 1st, 2015 – Montréal

Voici la deuxième création du projet Poster REMIX d’affiches project === April / avril 2015 2) Affiche source / source poster : Antifaschistische Aktion poster, «Fight Capitalist War, Fight Capitalist Peace, 1 Mai 2003, Berlin » by anonymous artist (2003). — Affiches REMIXées / REMIXed posters : « From Protest to Resistance » Creative Commons (téléchargement .pdf download) 11″ X 21″ par/by William B. Burns (2015).